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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rock 404 Ft. Iqbal Asif Jewel- Mixed Band [2010 EID Album] Free Download

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Album Rock 404
Band: Mixed
Music: Iqbal Asif Jewel
Banner: G-series

Tracks List & Downloadlinks

01 Ondho
(cryptic fate) ... o.mp3.html

02 Rise Of The Atlantis
(x factor) ... s.mp3.html

03 Mriter Dhoni
(shrapnel method) ... i.mp3.html

04 The Bicycel Day
(the joint family) ... y.mp3.html

05 Char Deyal
(my 31st demerit) ... l.mp3.html

06 Itihash 71
(mechanix) ... 1.mp3.html

07 Orunoday
(defiance) ... y.mp3.html

08 Chorom Onurag a
(breach) ... a.mp3.html

09 Trimatrik Jaal
(story tellers) ... l.mp3.html

10 Akta Choto Parir Golpo
(sent men revolt) ... o.mp3.html

11 Shawpno Bondona
(mohakaal) ... a.mp3.html

12 Shunbe Ki
(busride) ... i.mp3.html

13 Lash Kata Ghor
(psycho) ... r.mp3.html

14 Sex
(last episode)

15 Mass Murder Fro Ehat
(mirror blaze) ... t.mp3.html

Single Zipped Album Download:


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